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With The Venue Team

Wherever in the UK you need your corporate event to be, and for whatever size, we can find the right venue.

From a small one-off event to a series of national road shows, rest assured our venue team will know just the event space for you.

Our experienced team of venue finders are well travelled and visit venues on a weekly basis. Each year we help businesses large and small arrange their events in locations across the country, in all the major cities as well as in less known rural or coastal destinations.

We have a database of over 30,000 venues in the UK alone and by working closely with venue sales teams up and down the country, we maintain close supplier relationships that help us deliver the best value to you and your organisation. These venues are made up of large chain hotels, unique and independent venues, boutique and luxury hotels, sports stadiums, museums and many more.

Our search is tailor-made to your brief, what’s important within your event space, and to fit your budget. We’ll always begin by discussing your requirements in detail and offering advice on suitable locations.

Many of our clients are looking for sustainable venues at present, and we’d be delighted to discuss this with you if it’s a key part of your search.

About the Venue Team

The Venue Team offer a free-of-charge service to help find the right venue for your corporate event.

Hosting a conference, business meeting, company Christmas party or large convention? We can find the perfect place to hold it, wherever in the world it may be.

Our specialist team of consultants will work hard to find you the right venue, in the right location, at the right price.