Exhibition Venue Finding Service

Successful exhibitions
With The Venue Team

Finding the most suitable venue in the right location with the right amount of usable space and access is one of the single most important factors in running a successful exhibition.

Venues which are suitable for exhibitions come in all shapes and sizes, as do the exhibitions that take place within them. We understand that the venue choice needs to be right for the product/service on offer as well as the target market, and we’ll work with you to identify the key factors that are important in making your event a success.

Our FREE service allows you to benefit from our knowledge and experience. Our consultants are trained to take detailed briefs and they also understand the importance of securing the right space for your event.

Once we have helped find the venue, we can offer all exhibitions and large events a dedicated accommodation finding and booking service so that all your delegates can be placed as close to where the exhibition is being held as possible.

So why not give our free exhibition venue finding service a try today.  In the agreed turnaround time we will have delivered a full colour proposal and you will wonder how you have coped without us!

About the Venue Team

The Venue Team offer a free-of-charge service to help find the right venue for your corporate event.

Hosting a conference, business meeting, company Christmas party or large convention? We can find the perfect place to hold it, wherever in the world it may be.

Our specialist team of consultants will work hard to find you the right venue, in the right location, at the right price.